Thursday 14 December 2017

Problem with a FORD TRANSIT CONNECT 1.8 L TDCi 2011 165k

Reoccurring DPF fault, engine management light on and lack of power due to DPF blockage. Fault codes stored P242F DPF restriction due to ash accumulation, P2463 DPF soot accumulation, P244B DPF differential pressure sensor circuit high.

After further investigation the fault was found to be caused by a blocked DPF fuel vaporizer preventing DPF regeneration. The fault was cured by cleaning the DPF fuel vaporizer with Forté Diesel Intake Cleaner, removing the DPF and manually cleaning with Forté DPF Off-Car Cleaner as per instructions.

Thanks to Dave at Dellers (Swindon) Ltd in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Thursday 7 December 2017

Problem with a TOYOTA MR2 1.8 L 16v 2001

Failing MOT emissions test at fast idle CO 0.48%, HC 28 Lambda 0.987, no faults or fault codes found.

Catalytic converter replaced, extended Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush carried out and Forté Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner added and extended road test carried out, fault not cured. After further investigation it was found that the vehicle was fitted with three catalytic converters.

The fault was cured by replacing the two catalytic converters in front of the manifold, emissions retested and passed.

Thanks to Dave at Autopics Ltd in Rustington, West Sussex.