Wednesday 11 April 2012

Problem with a VAUXHALL VECTRA 1.9 CDTi


Lack of power and glow plug light flashing, vehicle driven until engine management light came on and vehicle cut out. Unable to restart. Fault code stored for Diesel Particulate Filter blockage.

The fault was cured by removing the Diesel Particulate Filter and pouring 3 x bottles of Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment into the DPF filter, soaking overnight then rinsing with hot water and drying with compressed air.

The vehicle was then treated using Clean & Protect, 45 minute Advanced Formula Motor Flush, adding Oil System Protector to the new oil and DPF Cleaner And Regenerator  plus Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment added to the fuel tank.

The car was then taken for an extended road test to allow regeneration of the particulate filter.

Thanks to Kirk at Regal Motors in Kelty, Fife.


  1. 2004 Vectra cdti problem. thought it was a glow plug issue, but now not sure. heater relay changed. car will now not start unless I jump it from another car and headlights come on when jump starting. when car does eventually start its fine until I stop and turn engine off, then I need to jump it again. any ideas?????

  2. Vauxhall Vectra 55 plate turn key turns over no problem but will not fire up