Tuesday 11 June 2013

Problem with a ALFA ROMEO 156 2.0L 2002

ALFA ROMEO 156 2.0L 2002 85K

Engine misfire, lack of power, top end noise and failing emissions test. Engine management light on, fault codes stored for misfire on all cylinders and catalytic converter efficiency.

The fault was cured by using Clean & Protect, adding 2 x Advanced Formula Motor Flush for 45 minutes and adding Oil System Protector to the new oil and Advanced Formula Gas Treatment to the fuel tank.

The customer reported he was very happy and that the car had never driven so well.

Thanks to David at Worcester's Mobile Mechanic Ltd in Worcester.


  1. I had a leak in my coolant tank? How much can I expect to be charged?

    1. It could vary. If you visit www.goodgaragescheme.com, you will be able to find one or more garages near you to give you estimates for the work.